Arsenal’s internal rift and the solutions to their problems

Arsenal fans have been in intense internal rivalry with two groups of supporters constantly fighting against each other.

The Wenger Out Brigade wants the club’s most successful manager to step down at the end of the season, whereas the other group wants Wenger to stay. With a reign of over 20 years but a less trophy laden career as compared to Sir Alex, Wenger seems to be under immense fan pressure. Plus the club is not issuing any final statement over the future of their manager.

A video is put up on YouTube where anti Wenger out protesters attacked Robbie, the presenter of ArsenalFanTV. Now that is embarrassing. If it was a fight between fan bases of two different clubs after playing a derby or clasico, it is understood. But fight between huge masses of the same fan base? Unacceptable.

To hear a detailed report and analysis on what happened, click on the youtube link to hear what exactly happened in the fight and what Arsenal fans to do next.

another-angry-rant-goes-viral-onClick here to hear The full podcast explaining what happened and overall analysis


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