Juve 3-0 Barca: This is not done yet.

juventus-paulo-dybala-celebrates-scoring-their-first-goal-with-team-mates-as-barcelonas-javier-masJuventus defeated Barcelona 3-0 in the Quarterfinal stage of the UEFA Champions League at the Juventus Stadium in Turin, Italy. The 3 goal advantage over the Spanish giants almost seals the Italian club’s place in the semifinals. But this is not done yet.

Paulo Dybala was in some incredible form with two curling shots on target finding the back of the net. Chiellini headed one goal to add more problems for the Catalans. Barcelona has another mountain to climb after overcoming PSG’s 4-0 away deficit at the Camp Nou-  a score which had almost ensured Barca’s early exit before the miraculous  6-1 victory over the French giants.


The Bianconeri cannot start their celebrations yet. The second leg is still remaining and considering Barcelona’s beautiful relationship with the referees (2009,2011,2012,2014,2017; if you know what I mean) the Spanish club still has a chance to qualify for the semifinals.

Since that PSG debacle at Camp Nou Juventus will not be overconfident at all, after all they are the mighty Italians who are always tactically prepared. But when you have a opponent team which has 15 players in the playing lineup (4 of them wear the officials’ uniform) there cannot be any chance, or chances seem less in favour of Juventus.


This clash is not over yet and there is plenty of action left. Let us hope everything goes well and may the best team win!



Hail Victory!


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