Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea- Talking Points.

Jose Mourinho’s men tactically outplayed the Premier League leaders and his former employers Chelsea with a convincing 2-0 victory at Old Trafford.

The league leaders had no answers to the defensive and counter attacking play of the Portuguese, which ironically he had mentioned about his former team few months ago in a press conference at Goodison Park, scoring two goals and cancelling out every opportunities that Hazard or Pedro or Fabregas could create.

In the starting moments of the game Chelsea looked sharp and quick with the ball with crisp one touch passes and good movement. But lack of shots on target was a key factor here.

A clear handball off Nemanja Matic’s shot by Ander Herrera; who is currently being worshipped by United fans everywhere around the world (Apparently that is the exact thing N’Golo Kante has been doing since Matchweek 1 ) ; was denied by the referee and United broke into a swift counter attack with a pass through to Marcus Rashford who dribbled past Luiz and placed the ball past the helpless Begovic to give the Reds the lead in the seventh minute itself. Even though it was a clear handball it was Chelsea’s fault because the players kept on appealing for handball while United broke into counter attack.

The trio of Fellaini, Pogba and Herrera denied the space for the Chelsea attackers to create any chance in the final third. Exceptional job indeed.

Chelsea had no Plan B for the suddenly ill Marcos Alonso who was suffering from flu and was thus out from the lineup. Kurt Zouma could not really fit into his place complimenting Victor Moses, plus Courtois was out with an ankle injury. Begovic in goal means that one goal is to be surely conceded. Though he is a great goalkeeper but Thibaut has his natural flair and presence. The first goal could have been saved had Courtois been on goal.

Manchester United kept dominating in the Chelsea half, and did not let even one shot reach David de Gea. Zero shots on target for Chelsea is one of the rarest stats in the club’s recent history. Plus, the United fanbase had to erupt as if the team has won the Champions League, whereas they have jumped from sixth to fifth in the points table.

Mourinho has proved he will not let go off his antics and started his gimmicks again, this time touching the United badge and mocking the away supporters. Those supporters who still treat him as a God. Plus he played the same style of football that he “found” in Chelsea this season.

Which goal did you like the most?

The one coming from the handball? Or the deflection??


Manchester United's Marcus Rashford celebrates scoring their first goal with Antonio Valencia and Jesse Lingard



Herrera’s shot hit Zouma which eventually found the net.

Chelsea is 4 points clear of Tottenham with all of the top six head to head fixtures now completed, whereas Spurs are¬†yet to face red hot Palace, United, Arsenal and Leicester in the coming match weeks. The title race looks wide open from the outside but it is still in Chelsea’s hands. May the best team win!!


Hail Victory!


2 thoughts on “Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea- Talking Points.

  1. You piece of shit.Jose did that, what you called gimmick, in response to being called judas at Stamford bridge.
    And Manchester united played phenomenal. Manchester united played good tactical and attacking football. I know you are Chelsea fan but be fair while writing articles.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is Chelsea’s mistake no doubt. They played bad. United had a master plan and executed it perfectly and it’s agreed.
    But there was no need for gimmicks and no doubt fans can call him Judas and whatever, after what he said to Conte at Stamford bridge after the 4-0, also, “when you join a direct rival, love stories are over.”
    And instead of deriding people for voicing their opinion look at the points table. The kind of things Mourinho is saying at press conferences about Chelsea is simply deluding for a reason.
    Plus this section was written in response to those and only those people who were hugely over reacting to the victory as if they have conquered the world.
    Peace. You’ve still not entered top 4. Please don’t start with Pogba stats and Zlatan stats and de Gea stats because they are performing brilliantly as individuals, but that’s not helping the team get to their desired target of top four.


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