@TubewireInc is a group of lads who work together covering aspects like current affairs, sports and a tinge of personal ongoings as well.

This site is an open blog where you, the reader, can share your stories, real life experiences or your sporting events that are left unnoticed even though the event was a huge hit, come to us! We can provide you with the platform which can enable your opinion, view, event, story reach thousands of people! 

@TubewireInc. is the official media partner of Mumbai Football Club, aka Mumbai FC, which plays in the FIFA- accredited I-League, the official football league in India.

Our group has also helped in projects for Chelsea India and the Chelsea India Supporters Club.

We work for the International Rotaract organisation and we provide content regularly on YouTube showcasing social awareness projects that Rotaract conducts.

The motto is simple. Be happy, always strive for victory and work towards it.


Hail Victory!